Power based scheduling algorithms for WCDMA networks

(2006) Power based scheduling algorithms for WCDMA networks. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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With the advent of huge expansion of wireless and wired internet-based network, the network operators as well as network designers are working hard to accommodate the services emerged of this expected seamless networks. These services are calling for a network that can differentiate and satisfy the QoS requirements of each user. It is obvious that this task is very challenging one and this work has addressed the issue of QoS provisioning over the wireless network through designing an adaptive scheduling scheme. The literature is rich with proposals that are suggested to achieve the above objectives. In this work, a scheduler is devised that can efficiently share the resources among the admitted users by guaranteeing QoS. It is based on scheduling the resources based on power requirements to all users. Further, it is associated with EDF-based scheduler that is known for its minimum delay performance. Several versions have been proposed, namely MinPower EDF, MaxPower EDF, MinPower PEDF, MaxPower PEDF. Extensive simulation runs have been conducted assuming a 19-cell CDMA network layout. The results show an outstanding performance in terms of throughput and packet delay especially for low and moderate loads. More, the loss probability is found to be very low compared to original EDF and PEDF. There is 25% decrease in loss probability compared to EDF and PEDF and there is 70-80% decrease in packet delay compared to EDF and PEDF. Using Jain's fairness index, we have studied the fairness of each proposal and compared with EDF and PEDF. Finally, the study shows the high sensitivity of scheduling interval.

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