The neutron detection efficiency measurements of a 10 inch NE213 scientillator

(1992) The neutron detection efficiency measurements of a 10 inch NE213 scientillator. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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A 10 inch NE213 scintillator in direct coupling to a 5 inch photomultiplier was modified by incorporating a light guide between the scintillation cell and the photomultiplier. Three tests were carried out to see the effect of the light guide on the performance of the detector. Results of the first test, which agreed with published data, showed an improvement in the detector energy resolution of about 50%. In time resolution test, an improvement of about 30% was achieved. Finally, no noticeable change in the neutron-gamma discrimination at operating biases was recorded. After the detector, the response function and the neutron detection efficiency of the modified detector were studied utilizing the Time-of-Flight technique and using a 252Cf fission neutron source.

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