The effects of faulty design and construction on building maintenance

(1993) The effects of faulty design and construction on building maintenance. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The thesis discusses the effects of faulty design and construction factors on maintenance. A survey of 90 construction and maintenance contractors, 30 designers and 20 owners was conducted. The survey included 67 different faulty factors and their degree of importance. The severity factors of these factors were meansured by their level of importance and were ranked according to the severity index for the combination of all respondents, contractors, consultants and owners. The severity of the faulty factors were analyzed statistically using the SAS mainframe computer package. These defect factors were obtained from interviews and discussions with contractors, consultants and owners. The research includes a hypothesis that "contractors, consultants and owners generally agree on the ranking of severity indices" which was tested and shown to hold true. It was concluded that Inadequate Structural Design, Unqualified Staff, Wrong Selection of Material, and Non Compliance with Specification, are the most severe factors. Also, it was noted that contractors gave the most actual responses, followed by consultants then the owner. This reflects their true involvement and awareness of faulty factors that increase maintenance. Finally, in order to minimize maintenance defects and expenditure, a set of recommendations are made and topics for future research are suggested.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Subjects: Architectural
Department: College of Design and Built Environment > Construction Engineering and Management
Committee Advisor: Assaf, Sadi A.
Committee Members: Al-Harbi, Kamal M. Al-Subhi and Al-Hammad, Abdulmohsen A.
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