Numerical simulation of groundwater depletion in Al-Hasa area

(1994) Numerical simulation of groundwater depletion in Al-Hasa area. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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In this study, a numerical quasi-three dimensional groundwater flow model was utilized for a multi-aquifer system in Al-Hasa (Neogene and Khobar - Alat Aquifers) to simulate the groundwater in the Oasis and then, to evaluate the consequences of various development alternatives. The studied area consisted of the Oasis as well as some of the nearby regions because of the dependency of the groundwater on those areas. The groundwater in the Oasis has been in dynamic mode since 1970s. Thus, transient calibration was carried out. The model results have confirmed the hydraulic interaction between the aquifers. Subsequently, the calibrated model was used to forecast aquifers responses over a five-years period (1992-1997) under two development alternatives. With the first alternative of no-change in the present pumpage patterns, the model results indicated that more and more drawdowns will take place at a depletion rate of 5 meter/year. In addition, a cone of depression will occur in the southern middle part of the study area. The conservation option (Alternative II) requires the use of secondary treated sewage effluent (that meets the standards of Food & Agriculture Organization) and the agricultural drainage water (of total dissolved solids < 2000 mg/L). Another part of conservation is the automation of Al-Hasa Irrigation and Drainage Project via computerized control of gates, valves, …etc. in all canals. These three conservation components will reduce the total extracted groundwater by 29% to 39%, which would ensure longer-term productivity of all aquifers in the Oasis.

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