A Methodology for the high level design of object-oriented software

(1993) A Methodology for the high level design of object-oriented software. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The object-oriented approach to programming and designing software systems is receiving tremendous attention in the programming languages, knowledge representation, and database disciplines. The design of a software system determines its major characteristics and has great influence on later phases of the software life cycle, particularly the maintenance phase, which accounts for most of the cost of software system over its entire life cycle. Object-orientation offers a new design paradigm which can help to manage the growing complexity and increasing costs of software development and maintenance. The paradigm also promises greater productivity by facilitating the building of reliable applications from reusable components. However, proposed object-oriented design methodologies are still at an initial stage of investigation. Most of these methodologies do not incorporate the dynamic model; the model which captures the dynamic behaviour of a software, and almost all of them do not consider design-consistency checking in greater detail at the high-level design stage. We develop an object-oriented, high-level, software design methodology. The mothodology is based on two models: a static model, and a dynamic model. The static model uses a form of an enhanced entity-relationship model, inheritance diagrams, and CRC (Class Responsibility Collaboration) cards to capture the static structure of the classes and class relationships. The dynamic model uses a modified Harel's Statechart notation to capture the internal behaviour of each class and the message passing behaviour among collaborating classes in the system. We also develop a number of design-consistency checking algorithms.

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