Management of groundwater resources in Somalia

(1993) Management of groundwater resources in Somalia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Groundwater is a critical resource for an arid country like Somalia which receives an average annual rainfall of about 300 mm. Implementation of planning and management program for groundwater resources in terms of storage capacities and development of the aquifers, and the distribution and use of water are vital issues for Somalia. Synthesis and compilation of scattered hydrogeologic data processed by determination of hydraulic properties of various major aquifers, analysis and interpretation of their hydrologic parameters was performed. These parameters are important for indicating the productivity and behavior of the aquifers. General hydrogeological situation including information on rechange, movement, groundwater occurrence, discharge and storage of the aquifers has been assessed. Available data have been developed in order to estimate the optimal demand for water rersources during a projected period of twenty years (1990-2010), considering a rate of consumption for the various sectors (domestic, livestock, industrial and agricultural) in accordance with their projected annual growth. Evaluation and assessment of available surface water for conjunctive use and groundwater resources in the country have been made. The results indicate the availability of water resources meeting the demand for water during the projected period. However, long-term forecasting shows that the available groundwater resources are limited and will not be sufficient to satisfy the growing demand if the country is to depend solely on groundwater. Finally, a comprehensive plan for future development and distribution of water resources is presented.

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Subjects: Earth Sciences
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