Application of multi-seismic attributes in estimating reservoir properties.

(1997) Application of multi-seismic attributes in estimating reservoir properties. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Seismic attributes can be used in seismic interpretation. As seismic data quality improves, interpretation of seismic attributes becomes more reliable. Seismic attributes reveal information that often cannot be detected in conventional seismic displays. The attributes can be used for both quantitative and qualitative interpretation of any zone of interest. The main goal of this study is to estimate porosity, water saturation, and volume of silt using several seismic attributes and then arrive at getting one conclusion based on the quantittive and qualitative analyses. In the quantitative analysis, nine seismic attributes are used to estimate the reservoir properties mentioned above. These attributes are calculated and averaged over the zone of interest, from Base Khuff to Pre Unayzah. Unconformity, compared to the log derived reservoir properties from 19 wells. Multi-variant regression is used to approxiamte a linear transformation between seismic attributes and reservoir properties. Then transformation is applied to the whole seismic data. In the qualitative analysis, spectral attributes are studied in addition to the nine seismic attributes discussed in the quantitative analysis. Attributes are related to the reservoir properties qualitatively. Both the quantitative and qualitative interpretation are in agreement. I preserved two wells for validation purposes. The estimated reservoir properties of these two wells using Multi- seismic-attributes approach are in agreement with the well driven reservoir properties. The multi-seismic -attributes driven reservoir properties method was compared to the single attribute method and to a method utilizing simple kriging of well information.

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