Geostatistical modelling of Zarghat magnesite deposit Saudi Arabia

(1991) Geostatistical modelling of Zarghat magnesite deposit Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Zarghat magnesite deposit, located in the northeastern part of the Arabian Shield, occurs in the upper part of Jibalah Group, the youngest rocks of the Shield. The sampling distributions of CaO% and MgO% values, derived from 51 veritcal drill-holes located in the Central Hill deposit, are characterized by lognormal behavior suggesting that more accurate evaluation can be achieved using logarithmic values. The compound spherical models have appropriately fitted to the experimental semivariogram of both CaO% and MgO% logarithmic values. The kriged estimates and the corresponding relative kriging standard deviations of the logarithms of MgO% were determined for blocks of 25m x 25m x 1m dimensions. The relative kriging standard deviations are generally lower, implying the reliability of kriged estimates. The grade-tonnage relationship, based on kriged estimates, indicates the existence of 3.2 million tonnes. Finally, considering strong linear correlation between CaO% and MgO%, poing co-kriging was used to estimate known sample values. The results indicate that co-kriging produces better estimate than kriging.

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