Laser-induced ionization in calcium resonant and non-resonant effects

(1991) Laser-induced ionization in calcium resonant and non-resonant effects. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Laser-induced ionization in calcium following resonant and non-resonant excitation is investigatged through three independent studies. The first study relates to resonant laser ionization following the excitation of calcium atoms to the 4s4p³P, state. Here, the effects of oven temperature, buffer gas pressure, nature of the buffer gas, bias voltage and laser beam position are investigated. Both cw and pulsed lasers were used. The second study concerns the absorption line profile analysis. An empirical power-law for line broadening at low pressures is obtained. The results are in very good agreement with previously published results. The third study deals with ionization at discrete wavelengths other than transitions in atomic calcium. Calcium dimers are found to be responsible for this ionization.

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