Geostatistical evaluation of the Hazam al-Jalamid phosphorite deposit, Northwestern Saudi Arabia

(1996) Geostatistical evaluation of the Hazam al-Jalamid phosphorite deposit, Northwestern Saudi Arabia. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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The Sirhan-Turaf Basin contains several phosphorite locaties of Late Paleogene age including: the Thaniyat Turaf, Al-Amud, Al-Quraymiz, As-Sanam, Khor Umm Wu'al and Hazm al-Jalamid areas. The Hazm Al-Jalamid deposit is apparently the most attractive one due to its exceptionally high grade and thickness. The deposit is found in two, distinctive, phosphorite horizons (Horizon 1 and Horizon 3) separated by phosphatic limestone (Horizon 2). The focus of this study is the evaluation of the two phosphorite horizons in an area covering about 80 km² using geostatistical techniques. The study was based on a number of samples derived from 170 drill-holes. Statistical analysis was performed to determine the sampling distributions of the variables : P₂ 0₅ %, thickness and accumulation. The results indicate that P₂ 0₅ % values are approximately normally distributed. The distributions for both thickness and accumulation are assymetrical with positive skewness. Semivariogram in different directions were constructed leading to the determination of spherical models used in subsequent kriging and conditional simulation. The simple kriging technique was employed to estimate the P₂ 0₅ % in blocks with 1000 m x 500 m x 0.5 m dimensions. The study shows that Horizon 1 contains approximately 1008 x 10⁶ tonnes at an average P₂ 0₅ grade of 20%, while, Horizon 3 contains approximately 553 x 10⁶ tonnes at an average P² 0₅ grade of 18%. Conditional simulation was also carried out to derive simulated values of P₂ 0₅ % in the two horizons. The results indicate the fluctuation pattern of P₂ 0₅ % with the deposit.

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