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Flavor conserving flavor changing radiative decays of vector mesons in Quark model

El-Hassan, El-Aaoud (1991) Flavor conserving flavor changing radiative decays of vector mesons in Quark model. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


Arabic Abstract


English Abstract

A relativised quark model appropriate to a universal one-gluon exchange plus a screening confining potential motivated by lattice gauge theory was used in studying flavor changing radiative decays of B meson: B → K- + y. Recoil as well as relativistic corrections were included in evaluating the form factor. Compared to other predictions, numerical computations showed that the ratio of exclusive (B→ K- + y) to inclusive (b→s+y) processes is reduced by introducing screening potential. The above model was extended to flavor conserving radiative decay of ground states mesons V(1)→P(O)+y. Here the relativistic corrections are more important than the recoil effects while in B decay opposite is the case. Fitting the predicted decay rates with experimental results provides information about the strong interaction at large distances as one can fix the screening length in fitting the data for these decays. It was found that the screening length increases as we move to light sector.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Date:July 1991
Date Type:Completion
Divisions:College Of Sciences > Physics Dept
Creators:El-Hassan, El-Aaoud
Committee Advisor:Riazuddin, -
Committee Members:Mavromatis, H. A. and Al-Haidari, A. and Lynch, R. F.
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