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Numerical simulation of ice crystal growth (initial frosting process)

Ahmed, Eball Hifthy (1992) Numerical simulation of ice crystal growth (initial frosting process). Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


Arabic Abstract


English Abstract

A numerical model for ice crystal growth is presented. Two models are assumed to represent the ice crystal. The ice crystal is assumed to grow in cylindrical and spherical shapes. Principles of mathematical modelling of ice crystal and a procedures for solving the models equations are discussed. The models permits a continuous determination of the phase change interface and the temperature distribution. The model's equations obtained are transformed into finite difference approximations and solved by an explicit method. The model's predictions are compared together with some available experimental data to obtain the best model representating the ice crystal. The effect of the velocity and composition of vapour gas mixture ice crystal base temperature and biot number are considered for the determination of the growth rate of ice crystal. Model predictions are analyzed to assess the potential application of such methods in the study of frosting process. The important features of the model are: (i) Explicit formulation is used to prevent extensive storage; (ii) Exclusive use is made of two dimensional formulation.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Date:February 1992
Date Type:Completion
Divisions:College Of Engineering Sciences > Mechanical Engineering Dept
Creators:Ahmed, Eball Hifthy
Committee Advisor:Sahin, Ali
Committee Members:Zubair, Syed M. and Stahl, Wolfgang H.
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