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Magnetic energy losses and pinning forces in Y1Ba2Cu3O7/Ag2O high- Tc superconductor.

Abul Hafidh, Esam ibn Hamed Ahmad (1996) Magnetic energy losses and pinning forces in Y1Ba2Cu3O7/Ag2O high- Tc superconductor. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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English Abstract

Magnetic measurements have been conducted on Y₁Ba₂Cu₃O₇/(Ag₂O)x for x ranging between 0% and 50% weight ratio. The major quantities which were under the scope of this project are: the critical current density Jc, pinning force Fp, and the energy loss W. The temperature and field dependance of the critical current densities, pinning forces and energy loss of Y₁Ba₂Cu₃O₇/(Ag₂O)x system were investigated in this study. The addition of (Ag₂O)x with x≤10% was found to increase Jc and Fp while for x>10% a reduction in both values have been found at all temperature studied. At x = 50%, however the sample even though is still superconducting, but have a deteriorated magnetic properties, with a low very critical current density. For all samples in this study, the energy loss has been found to strongly depend on the magnetic field at low fields , while it reaches saturation for fields above the full penetration field. The contribution to the energy loss due to the trapped flux and due to the diamagnetism, decreases strongly with temperture. The loss is mostly diamagnetic at high temperatures >30K, while at <30K both (diamagnetic and trapped) flux lines contribute to the dissipation of energy.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Date:June 1996
Date Type:Completion
Divisions:College Of Sciences > Physics Dept
Creators:Abul Hafidh, Esam ibn Hamed Ahmad
Committee Advisor:Zig, Khalil A.
Committee Members:Hamdan, Nasser and Faiz, M.M. and Al-Harthi, A.S.
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