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DS-CDMA Chip Waveform Design for Minimal Interference under Bandwidth, Phase and Envelope Constraints

Landolsi, M.A. and Stark, W. (1999) DS-CDMA Chip Waveform Design for Minimal Interference under Bandwidth, Phase and Envelope Constraints. IEEE Transactions on Communications, 47 (11). pp. 1737-1746.

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This paper investigates the effect of chip waveform shaping on the error performance, bandwidth confinement, phase continuity, and envelope uniformity in direct-sequence code-division multiple-access communication systems employing offset quadrature modulation formats. An optimal design methodology is developed for the problem of minimizing the multiple-access interference power under various desirable signal constraints, including limited 99% and 99.9% power bandwidth occupancies, continuous signal phase, and near-constant envelope. The methodology is based on the use of prolate spheroidal wave functions to obtain a reduced-dimension discrete constrained optimization problem formulation. Numerous design examples are discussed to compare the performance achieved by the optimally-designed chip waveforms with other conventional schemes, such as offset quadrature phase-shift keying, minimum-shift keying (MSK), sinusoidal frequency-shift keying (SFSK), and time-domain raised-cosine pulses. In general, it is found that while the optimized chip pulses achieved substantial gains when no envelope constraints were imposed, these gains vanish when a low envelope fluctuation constraint was introduced. In particular, it is also shown that MSK is quasi-optimal with regard to the 99% bandwidth measure, while the raised-cosine pulse is equally good with both the 99% and 99.9% measures, but at the expense of some envelope variation. On the other hand, SFSK is quasi-optimal with regard to the 99.9% bandwidth occupancy, among the class of constant-to-low envelope variation pulses.

Item Type:Article
Date:November 1999
Date Type:Publication
Divisions:College Of Engineering Sciences > Electrical Engineering Dept
Creators:Landolsi, M.A. and Stark, W.
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