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CMOS/BiCMOS mixed design using tabu search

Sait, Sadiq M. and Youssef, H. CMOS/BiCMOS mixed design using tabu search. ELECTRONICS LETTERS 34 (14): 1395-1396 JUL 9 1998.



The problem of optimising mixed CMOS/BiCMOS circuits is solved using a tabu search. Only gates on critical sensitisable paths are considered. This strategy leads to a circuit speed improvement of > 20% with a < 3% increase in the overall circuit capacitance. Comparision and experimental results are presented.

Item Type:Article
Divisions:College Of Computer Sciences and Engineering > Computer Engineering Dept
Creators:Sait, Sadiq M. and Youssef, H.
Email:sadiq@kfupm.edu.sa, youssef@kfupm.edu.sa
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