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Eigenvalue Placement And Simultaneous Stabilization Using Tabu Search

Abdel Magid, Y.L. and Selim, S.Z. Eigenvalue Placement And Simultaneous Stabilization Using Tabu Search. PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS PART I-JOURNAL, 211. pp. 301-306.



This paper considers the problem of designing controllers to place simultaneously the closed-loop eigenvalues of a finite number of plants, representing different operating conditions of a system, in a specific region in the left half of the complex s plane. The problem of selecting the controller gains is converted to a simple optimization problem with an eigenvalue-based performance criterion, which is solved by a tabu search. Various performance criteria are suggested and formulated, allowing the eigenvalue placement in distinctive locations in the complex s plane. Several examples are included to demonstrate the usefulness of the method.

Item Type:Article
Divisions:College Of Computer Sciences and Engineering > Systems Engineering Dept
Creators:Abdel Magid, Y.L. and Selim, S.Z.
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Deposited On:14 Jun 2008 13:36
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