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Fuzzy Controllers Design Using Space-Filling Curves

Elshafei-Ahmed, M and Ahmed, MS Fuzzy Controllers Design Using Space-Filling Curves. I E E E, PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1998 AMERICAN CONTROL CONFERENCE, 1-6. pp. 1855-1859.

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In this paper we present a clustering technique for fuzzy rules based on Hilbert Space-filling Curves (SFC). SFC scans an n-dimensional space and reduces it to a curve, i.e. a one-dimensional line. The paper introduces first the Hilber Space-filling curves, and outlines algorithms for clustering and adaptive clustering which demonstrate the SFC efficient self-organizing features. We then propose a SFC fuzzy inference model based on clustering the object space. The SFC fuzzy model is then used to design a fuzzy controller. The proposed method achieves a dramatic reduction of the complexity of fuzzy controller by reducing the multivariable fuzzification problem to a one dimentional space.

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Divisions:College Of Computer Sciences and Engineering > Systems Engineering Dept
Creators:Elshafei-Ahmed, M and Ahmed, MS
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