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Nonlinear distortion of an FM signal by half-wave linear rectification

Abuelma’atti, M.T. (1999) Nonlinear distortion of an FM signal by half-wave linear rectification. Applied Mathematics and Computation, 99 (1). pp. 47-59.

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This paper presents a simple method for calculating the output spectra of a half-wave linear rectifier excited by frequency-, quasi-frequency- and amplitude-modulated waves. By representing the half-wave linear rectifier characteristic by a Fourier series, closed-form expressions, in terms of the ordinary Bessel functions, are obtained for the amplitudes of the output components. The expressions obtained are compared with previously published expressions and, as a by-product, some apparently new results concerning Bessel functions are obtained.

Item Type:Article
Date:01 March 1999
Date Type:Publication
Divisions:College Of Engineering Sciences > Electrical Engineering Dept
Creators:Abuelma’atti, M.T.
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