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Efficient static test compaction algorithms for combinational circuits based on test relaxation

Osais, Yahya Esmail (2003) Efficient static test compaction algorithms for combinational circuits based on test relaxation. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


Arabic Abstract

التطور المذهل في تصميم وصناعة الرقائق ذات التكامل العالي جداً مهد الطريق لصناعة الرقائق الحاوية للأنظمة . أحد التحديات في هذه التقنية هو الحجم الكبير لبيانات الاختبار . يمكن حل هذه المشكلة بتقليص أو ضغط البيانات . في هذه الأطروحة نقدم طرق جديدة لتقليص بيانات الاختبار بعد إنتاجها ولإعادة ترتيب هذه البيانات للدوائر المنطقية غير التعاقبية . كما نقدم طائفة جديدة من خوارزميات تقليص بيانات الاختبار مبنية على تفكيك البيانات . النتائج التجريبية تعكس كفاءة الخوارزميات المقترحة .

English Abstract

Advances in the semi-conductor process and design technology have paved the way for system-on-chips (SoCs). Traditional IC design in which every circuit is designed from scratch and reuse is limited only to standard cell libraries is more and more replaced by the SoC design methodology. However, this new design methodology has its own challenges. A major challenge is to reduce the increasing volume of test data. Basically, there are two approaches: compression and compaction. In this thesis, the problems of static compaction and test vector reordering for combinational circuits are investigated. A new class of static compaction algorithms referred to as test vector decomposition (TVD) is introduced. Two new static compaction algorithms based on TVD are proposed. Besides, the use of the critical path tracing algorithm as a fault simulator in test vector reordering procedures is proposed. Experimental results are provided to demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of our algorithms.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Date:October 2003
Date Type:Completion
Divisions:College Of Computer Sciences and Engineering > Information and Computer Science Dept
Creators:Osais, Yahya Esmail
Committee Advisor:El-Maleh, Aiman H.
Committee Members:Sait, Sadiq M. and Amin, Alaaeldin A. M.
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