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Software design language for concurrent distributed systems

Mustafa, Yahya Mohamed Zeidan (1992) Software design language for concurrent distributed systems. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


Arabic Abstract


English Abstract

A Software Design Language is the formal means of expressing the design decisions and a tool to support the design phase of software development cycle. This work is concerned with the design of such a language, called Distributed Software Design Language (DSDL), for use in designing distributed computing systems. DSDL provides capabilities to support communication primitives in different ways, giving the designer the ability to choose the communication primitives appropriate to his problem and its implementation. The computational model is expressed as modules and processes that communicate through message passing. DSDL provides constructs for handling inherent features in distributed environment, such as communication mechanisms, synchronization, message transmission/reception constructs, exception handling mechanisms, modules/processes creation and termination, and indeterminacy control. A DSDL language processor has been implemented which works as a basis for a distributed software design tool.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Date:January 1992
Date Type:Completion
Divisions:College Of Computer Sciences and Engineering > Information and Computer Science Dept
Creators:Mustafa, Yahya Mohamed Zeidan
Committee Advisor:Arafeh, Bassel R.
Committee Members:Shafique, Muhammed and Najjar, Mamdouh M.
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