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Reliability studies of multireservoir system using stochastic approach

Lebbe, Jamaldeen M. Esuf (1991) Reliability studies of multireservoir system using stochastic approach. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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English Abstract

This study has been conducted as an initial attempt to find the maximum releases from a multi-reservoir system and to come up with an operating policy. In this case study, streamflow records at a multi-reservoir system (5 reservoirs) in Sri Lanka was considered. Thirty six years of flow data at the reservoir sites were analyzed statistically and 700 traces for each reservoir were generated stochastically, and maximum releases for each month were determined knowing reservoir capacities. Fitting an extreme value distribution to these releases, a reliability curve was obtained. These releases have been used to compute the hydroelectric power that can be generated from the reservoir system. This has been compared with the total power requirement of Sri Lanka considering the benefit of the hydroelectric power generation only. It was found that 52 percent and 55 percent of the total power requirement of Sri Lanka can be met if the releases considered to be at the probability levels of 99 percent and 42.92 percent (mean) respectively.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
Date:October 1991
Date Type:Completion
Subjects:Civil Engineering
Divisions:College Of Engineering Sciences > Civil Engineering Dept
Creators:Lebbe, Jamaldeen M. Esuf
Committee Advisor:Ishaq, Achi M.
Committee Members:Duffuaa, Salih O. and Shuaib, Abdelrahman N. and Hussain, Tahir and Ahmed, Munir
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