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Cross section measurements of 13C(d, p) 14C reaction at sub-coulomb barrier energies.

Kidwai, Shariq Uddin. (1996) Cross section measurements of 13C(d, p) 14C reaction at sub-coulomb barrier energies. Masters thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


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Excitation functions and differential cross section of ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction were measured for 200-350 keV deuteron energies to learn about the cause of disagreement between Distorted Wave Born Approximation (DWBA) theory and experimental data at 410-810 keV deuteron energies. The differential cross sections of ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction at 350, 335, 310, 290, 270, 250 and 200 keV energies were fitted with DWBA model of nuclear transfer reactions using finite range approximation. An excellent agreement between the DWBA calculations and experimental data shows that only one-step stripping reaction contributes to the ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction at these energies. This also excludes any contribution of compound nucleus towards the cross section data at these energies. The Optical Model Potential (OMP) parameters obtained for ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction are in agreement with the OMP parameters at higher energies. The significantly small values of OMP parameters of the DWBA fit to ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction data at 410-810 keV energies were not observed in this study. This study has provided experimental cross section data of ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction below 350 keV deuteron energy. This data can be used to calculate vector and tensor analyzing powers of ¹³C(d, p)¹⁴C reaction at these energies.

Item Type:Thesis (Masters)
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Divisions:College Of Sciences > Physics Dept
Creators:Kidwai, Shariq Uddin.
Committee Advisor:Nagadi, M. M.
Committee Members:Abdelmonem, M.S. and Naqvi, A. A. and Khiari, F. Z.
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