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Treatise on solute transport in porous media and its modeling for centration-dependent permeability

Khondaker, Abu Nasser (1991) Treatise on solute transport in porous media and its modeling for centration-dependent permeability. PhD thesis, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.


Arabic Abstract


English Abstract

Solute transport in groundwater has become an active and important research area because of the increasing awareness about the living environment and the need for its protection from contamination. The amount of work so far done in this field is vast but scattered. Therefore, the present study has first systematically reviewd the available theoretical and experimental works since the early 1950s. The review has critically analyzed the developments of research and has summarized the research trends and the associated forthcoming challenges. The review necessitates regorous modeling of solute transport in groundwater, considering the effects of solute aggressiveness on the fundamental properties of the porous medium. However, the modeling work is complicated and challenging because the solute transport process couples the flow of groundwater with the transport of mass in the porous medium. Because of solute aggressiveness, the hydraulic conductivity changes with concentration. Consequently, the medium becomes inhomogeneous and revises the existing concept of steady incompressible groundwater flow to an unsteady problem. The present study has modeled the groundwater solute transport incorporating these factors.

Item Type:Thesis (PhD)
Date:August 1991
Date Type:Completion
Subjects:Civil Engineering
Divisions:College Of Engineering Sciences > Civil Engineering Dept
Creators:Khondaker, Abu Nasser
Committee Advisor:Allayla, Rashid I.
Committee Members:Baluch, Mohammad H. and Hussain, Tahir and Saffar, Mahmoud M. and Farooq, Shaukat
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